A Consonant blend between Big Firm and Startup – The story of a little tree

Dai Viet Group has been budded from vigorous beginnings. In 2006, Mr. Le Xuan Truong – a young man of the 80s generation started to carry out his dream of developing a real estate information network, an unfamiliar field at that time, with a humble capital of only 50 millions VND. After 12 years of development, Batdongsan.com.vn has become the number one real estate information network in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, with millions of visits each month and an extension to international markets of many directions. Together with the corporation, in 2018, President Le Xuan Truong has grounded and maintained great global successes with Batdongsan.com. At the moment, he has triumphantly established Dai Viet Group of 700 employees, branched at two large cities - Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, with many offices and projects in 6 other countries, of which development in human resources and franchise will accelerate at an astonishing rate in the next few years.

From its humble beginnings, Dai Viet Group is now known as a leading developer of web portals in the field of automobiles, media, and marketing. The project Oto.com.vn is gradually dominating the automobile trading market with the highest number of listings and traffic in automobile portals in Vietnam. Since 2016, Dai Viet Group has also started to extend internationally with the Auto Portals project and quickly popularize in many regional countries. Automobile portal projects in Thailand (Auto Network Thailand), Indonesia (Cintamobil.com), Philippines (Philkotse.com), Nigeria (Najiauto.com), India (indianAuto.com) and Mexico (Automexico.com) are gradually being completed and gaining grounds in these countries. Additionally, ODP - Optimizing the Development of Preschoolers and Anthropology projects are also being developed by Chairman Le Xuan Truong with passionate desires to contribute to the community. Venture out of our available strengths, Dai Viet Group joins the tourism markets with many promising Hotel complex and tourism projects. With rapid advancement both in quantity and quality, Dai Viet Group is confident to become a corporation of solid grounds in Vietnam and continual extension to international markets, with our qualities and prestige always at the frontline.

From the honest labor of Vietnamese people, Dai Viet Group is proud to introduce Vietnamese products to integrate the world with enough confidence, creativity and courage to triumph any peaks.