A Consonant blend between Big Firm and Startup – The story of a little tree

From the story of a little tree

Living in a tropical country, everyone needed shade at their own house to deal with the hot weather. Almost all residents bought some giant umbrellas and felt rather complacent with the cool shade instantly created by those umbrellas on dog days of summer. Start was the only one to buy a little seed and plant it in the center of his front yard. He put the seed into the soil and watered it. At first, everything went smoothly – the seed grew into a green shoot and then a little tree in front of Start’s hopeful eyes. However, the climate of his homeland was not favorable for the little tree. It showed signs of stunted growth and gradually withered. Not losing his heart, Start persisted in learning and trying out every way possible to nourish the little tree.

At last, Start found out the suitable way to nourish the tree in unfavorable climate. Its branches started to grow and grow. Many years later, the little tree became a big one with thick trunk. It created a cool shade not only for Start himself, but also for his backyard. What’s more, the tree also provided his family with fruits in its season. Start also made a tree swing right under its foliage for his children. Meanwhile, the umbrellas of his neighbors provided shade for only a small area and downgraded over time. Umbrellas could not grow bigger and of course, there was no fruit to harvest for their owners.

To our story

Our Dai Viet Group also originated from such a seed. In 2006, Mr. Le Xuan Truong, a young man born in the 80s, dreamt of building a real estate portal, which was a relatively new and unfamiliar sector at the time, with only 50 million dong. After 12 years of fighting for his passion, Batdongsan.com.vn has become the No. 1 information channel on real estate in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with millions of visits per month, now has made progress to the national market and new direction. Nowadays, CEO Le Xuan Truong has successfully has successfully made Dai Viet Group what it is today with over 700 employees and branches in two big cities – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, many offices and projects in 6 countries nationwide.

From a little seed, Dai Viet Group is now known as a leading developer of online portals in the advertising and communications sector. Currently, the car project with Oto.com.vn site is gradually occupying the car market with a large number of postings and the top traffic in the automobile portal in Vietnam. Since 2016, Dai Viet Group has extended its reach to international markets with Auto Portals Project and quickly taken over the top positions in many regional countries. Automotive website projects in Thailand (Auto Network Thailand), Indonesia (Cintamobil.com), Philippines (Philkotse.com), Nigeria (Najiauto.com), India (indianAuto.com) and Mexico (Automexico.com) are gradually affirm its position in these countries. With the rapid development in both quality and quantity, we believe that DaiViet will have the solid position in the country and continue to reach out to the world with the best quality, top reputation and absolute devotion.

By the hands of Vietnamese people, Dai Viet Group is proud to bring Vietnamese products to integrate into the world with confidence, creativity and the spirit of conquering all the successes.