Business Philosophy

Founded in August 2006, Dai Viet Group, which has been through a decade of shaping and growing, houses several affiliated companies in diverse sectors. Dai Viet Group is known as a system integration software provider, software implementer, investor and developer of leading online portals in the advertising and communications sector.

Dai Viet Group is highly regarded for our breakthrough ideas and bold moves in technological product development. We remind ourselves that the success of a company first and foremost comes from its internal strengths, among which human resources is of greatest importance. Therefore, we always strives to provide our people with a materially and mentally thriving life.

By leveraging both internal and external forces, Dai Viet Group offers the most trusted products and services with highest quality, in order to satisfy the increasing demand from our wise users and create a fresh and fun experience for our customers as well as partners.

Not complacent with what we have been doing, Dai Viet Group always hustles, always learns, and always innovates to be the best version of ourselves.

Social Responsibility

It is Dai Viet Group’s belief that “social responsibility comes first, prosperity ensues”. While focusing on business development, Dai Viet Group goes to great lengths to fulfill its social responsibility by complying with business ethics, promoting sustainable economic growth, and raising the living standard of the members of our Dai Viet Group family, their own families, local community as well as the whole society.