11 Years of Dai Viet Group – Breakthrough to Fly High


Dai Viet Group’s 11thyear establishment anniversary including three-day-and-two-night team building and gala dinner took place in Ha Long from August 13to 15, 2017 with the participation of staff members from all over the country. The event not only marked the 11th year in the development path of Dai Viet Group but was also a chance to express deep gratitude to each member for their constant effort and contribution to the development of the Group.

On August 12th, over 700 staff members from Northern, Central and Southern regions gathered together for the first time at Dai Viet’s head quarter in Hanoi in an employee engagement program leaving unforgettable momentsas seeing close friends after a long time apart, and also feeling eager for the upcoming trip to Ha Long.

At 8.30 am on August 13th, Dai Viet Group’s buses departed from Keangnam to the tourist attraction city of Ha Long.

During three days in Ha Long, Dai Viet Group members had chances to relax, join teambuilding activities and gala dinner, which all left deep impressions to each member.

Team building – Connecting strength

The teambuilding activity with the theme "Flying colors" awaited all Dai Viet members at Sun World beach in the first afternoon in Ha Long.

The members of each team freely expressed themselves through extremely interesting challenges including Jumping through the buoy, Crossing footbridge, Protecting the flag, etc. which werefascinating physical games requiring teamwork and team spirit. A football competition held right on the beach witnessed vigorous competition between male and female players.

Whether being long-time colleagues, meeting each other a few times, only talking on the phone, ormeeting each other for the first time, all members share one thing in common: they are all Dai Viet members. Despite being at different ages, having different personalities, working for different units in different locations,theydid not hesitate to express themselves and create a collective strength of Dai Viet Group.


Teambuilding brought the opportunity for members to get closer together andshare happiness as they held each other’s hands to create "DVG 11” image and brought unforgettable memories in Ha Long.

"Flying high" Gala Dinner –overwhelming emotions

"Flying high"Gala Dinner marked a night of memories with unforgettable moments for each member. The Gala Dinner took place with impressive performances, exciting games and emotional sharing from the management and guests, especially the moment to look back at the meaningful events in the 11th year of Dai Viet - a year of challenges, opportunities and breakthroughs from both individuals and the whole organization.

In the important moment of Dai Viet’s 11thanniversary, on behalf of Dai Viet Group management, Deputy Director General Tran Thi Hong Thuytalked aboutthe Group’s journey in the 11th year, as well as its people, projects and strategies in the near future. With deepest joys and gratitude, Dai Viet Group management raised atoastto congratulate and was committed to leading the ship of Dai Viet to go further, as well as encourage staff to contribute and strive for the sustainable development and breakthrough of Dai Viet in the years to come.

Great musical performances from Hanoi headquarter and branches were also the highlights of this year’s program. Each performance represented an idea, passion and efforts of every participant. In spite of not being professional artists, they all brought strong and deep feelings. Sometime, the entire audience was silently attracted to the performance which acted out difficulties at work and sometimeother performances made the audience eager in lively rhythms. Given youth spirit and enthusiastic support, all together created an emotional atmosphere with “flying high” spirit.

The performance of the whole organization – Dai Viet’s 11thbirthday

The team from Hanoi headquarter impressed the audience with a folk dance “Dai Viet cooperative”

Hai Phong branch performed a lively modern dance “Dai Viet – passion and youth”

Binh Duong branch with “Stork” dance

Da Nang branch performed a lively dance “Dai Viet – 11 years of development”

Vung Tau branch performed a short comedy named“Tam Cam”

Nha Trang branch performed a charming Cham dance

Can Tho branch performed a dance about thier homeland

NextGenHo Chi Minh performed a beautiful song named “Mai dinh lang bien”

Ho Chi Minh team did a lively and cheerful “sing and dance” performance about love and youth

A series of top-hit songs from Hanoi headquarter team

Moreover, singerTrongHieu appeared surprisinglyand performed his own hits including “You are my grandmother”, “Uptown Funk”, “Peter Pan” with highly skilled dance movesand this attracted the whole audience to dance with him in lively, moving rhythms. A moment full of emotion was when TrongHieu and all the guests sang the “Happy Birthday” song together – Happy 11thBirthday to Dai Viet. 

Another highlight of the program was Minigames – Creative and get connected. The ballroom was full of laughter and whoops of joy when attractive mini games were played: Fashion game, listen to the music and guess songs, shaping challenge, etc. Dai Viet People have never been so creative. Their confidence and openness to expressthemselves in the enthusiastic cheering and support of the guests created an impressive synergy. Especially, valuable prizes of the “Lucky draw – Lucky number” game were presented as lucky gifts to staff on the occasion of Dai Viet’s 11th birthday.   

The 11th establishment anniversary of Dai Viet left unforgettable memories to each participant. Looking back the 11-year development path, we can be proud of our achievements and progress in the 11th year and get ready to enter the 12th year, capturing new opportunities and facing new challenges with team confidence and strength. It is hopeful that each member of Dai Viet Family will believe more in Dai Viet – their chosen path and join hands to develop Dai Viet into an international standard group. Dai Viet will “fly high” to reach new heights, grow more strongly in the region and the world and affirm its leading position in the fields of real estate, e-commerce and communication.

Some images from the event: