A Series of Events Celebrating Vietnam Women’s Day: Reply of Youth


On the occasion of Vietnam Women’s Day – October 20, Dai Viet Group organized a series of events to celebrate the special day. With the theme “Youth”, the events included: Big V radio; costume contest associated with the debut of Dai Viet Art Club; and Welcome gift for female staffs. Dai Viet’s ladies had a chance to “come back” to emotional youth.

Big V Radio: "Do you remember Youth?"

The train back to the 2000s started with Big V Radio 05 entitled "Do you remember Youth?" Many messages which are full of memorable stories with youth were sent and shared at the radio program.

Don’t forget that all of us always live in youth time if we know enjoy and cherish every moment of life. At each stage of life, we all have our own youth, so just enjoy it the way you want.

Costume contest and minishow of “Nghe” club  

In the costume contest, units, departments chose familiar characters or celebrities associated with the younger generation in the 2000s. Each show is like a slow-motion movie of childhood memories: Duong Tang and his disciples in “Journey to the West”; Luong Son Ba - Chuc Anh Dai; romantic love in “Glass Shoes”. Meanwhile, some others decided to cosplay famous V-Pop artists such as Dan Truong, Phi Hung, or Bao Thy...

The most impressive event is probably the debut of Nghe – Dai Viet Art Club with the super-quality MV from "the yellow team". Their minishow re-presented a typical art performance in the 2000s - strange and familiar right at the working space of our office.

The day of ladies became more meaningful with beautiful gifts and the best wishes of Dai Viet’s men. Each little but very elegant and amazing gifts prepared meticulously with the heart, accompanied by a cheerful atmosphere made the train back to Youth of Dai Viet more colorful, memorable and interesting!  

Other photos of the events: