American expert reveals 7 deadly mistakes in real estate business


The huge commission for each successful deal makes real estate brokerage always in the list of the most attractive jobs. However, this is also a job with high personnel fluctuation rate due to intense competition. American real estate tycoon Leigh Brown has identified seven deadly mistakes in real estate business that brokers often make.

Leigh Brown is a famous inspirer as well as a recognized training expert in field of real estate business in US. She was the President of the Board of Council Of Residential Specialists (CRS) in 2017. Her name is also associated with Amazon's # 1 bestseller, The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales. In this book, she listed the serious mistakes that pushed brokers to failure in practice.

Leigh Brown - President of the Board of Council Of Residential Specialists (CRS) in 2017

Let’s take a quick look at all the sins Leigh Brown pointed out in her book:

Sin #1: “I” syndrome (Ego over substance)

There’s a reason this is the number one sin- because if you count the number of times you say the word “I” in the course of a single day, presentation, or phone call, you’ll realize exactly why people are tired of talking to you. Stop letting your ego sabotage you!

Sin #2: The morning after (Abandonment)

Yes, yes, I know you meant to call those past clients and talk to the people who did business with you once upon a time. The path to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say. And the path to redemption is paved with working those contacts and clients you spent so much time and effort winning over in the first place!

Sin #3: Settle down, Francis (Misplacedsense of urgency)

This is the sin of acting like your hair is on fire at all times. However, there are few situations for which you should have your hair set on fire. We’ll discuss when to grant a situation a high sense of urgency and when to dunk your head in the tub and settle down.

Sin #4: My, that’s a high horse you’ve got there (Cherry-picking)

Cherry-picking is strategically- or not so strategically- deciding with whom you will or won’t do business. Not only does this possibly put you in conflict with federal and state laws, but it can also destroy your business if your particular selection of clients suddenly fails to perform.
Expert Talk
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Sin #5: Fish or cut bait (Aversion to loss)

Learning not to cherry-pick with whom to work is one thing, but being afraid or unable to remove a poisonous person from your life is something entirely different. Yes, you’ll give folks a fair shot, but if it turns out they can’t behave themselves, then you have got to learn when and how to cut your losses and move on.

Sin #6: Cut the bullhockey (Fluff and puff)

This is not 1985. Glamour, my friends, is gone. Today’s consumers don’t want a false fantasy; they want facts. It’s not just time to tell the truth; it’s time to understand that telling the truth is the most powerful sales tool you have.

Sin #7: Put your horse before the damn cart already (Inverted priorities)

We all know we’re supposed to put God and family before business. However, salespeople have a bad habit of putting business first, because if they’re not selling, they’re not getting paid. It’s not long before “it’s only one phone call” or “it’s just this one delay” can turn into you letting your life pass you by without actually living it. And that is the real tragedy here.

On 8 and 10 Sept, Leigh Brown will attend as trainer of Expert Talk with topic “Art of approaching customers and marketing in real estate business practice” by in Hanoi and HCMC, respectively. The traning program is co-organized by, the US National Association of Brokers (NAR), the Vietnam Real Estate Association (VNREA) and Vietnam Association of Realtors (VARS).
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