Launches New Add-on Feature for Listings


From Jan 26, 2019, customers can purchase additional “Highlight Feature” to boost the competitive advantage of their listings on 

The Highlight Feature is an option that customers can purchase to post property listings on

Accordingly, when using this new feature, customers' listings will be displayed in a more prominent format in the search results page. Specifically, a listing with Highlight Feature will be shown as follows:

- The listing is labeled "Highlight" at the upper left corner

- The listing covers a larger display area (up 40% on desk top version and 130% on mobile version) compared to others in the same level but without Highlight Feature.

- On the desktop version, a listing with Highlight Feature will have 3 representative images and a longer sapo (about 4 lines).

- Customer’s contact information (name and phone number) is clearly displayed on the search results page, making it easier for viewers to contact the listing poster.

To ensure that listing with Highlight Feature can show the right advantages, customers should provide at least 3 images. In addition, when purchasing this feature, customers only need to pay with the main account or Promotion account 1.

From 0h, Jan 26, 2019, will officially offer this outstanding feature package on the website interface.

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