Bringing the warmth to the highlands with Dai Viet


In the 10-degree winter on the last day of February, loveful gifts of Dai Viet Group were handed to teachers and pupils at a primary school in Dong Giap commune, Van Quan District, Lang Son province.

The trip is part of a series of activities of “Tet Dai Viet, Tet vi tre em” (Dai Viet Tet, Tet for children) program organized by the Dai Viet Foundation. After visiting and giving presents to Ngoi Hoa Primary School (Hoa Binh), Huong Lan Pagoda (Chuong My, Hanoi), our next destination is Dong Giap Primary School (Van Quan, Lang Son).

The charity group after more than 160km journey from Hanoi was welcome with the joy and warmth by teachers and students of Dong Giap Ethnic Boarding Primary School located in the poorest commune of Lang Son. Holding the hands of each volunteer, Ms. Phung Thi Trinh - Rector of the school said in happiness: “It has been a long time since we last welcomed a charity group”.

Dong Giap Primary School consists of two levels of education (primary school and kindergarten) with a total of 338 pupils from the Tay and Nung ethnic minority groups; of whom, 212 pupils are in very difficult circumstances, which accounts for more than 60%. People here mainly live on agriculture, so their standard of living and level of education is low; nevertheless, most families make an effort to send their children to school, because each of them understands that knowledge will bring their children a better life.

Vi Van Duc, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Dong Giap commune said: “The commune always attaches special importance to both teaching and learning, ensuring that all children can attend school. Despite the limited facilities, teachers and pupils always try to ensure the quality of teaching and learning.

Dong Giap Kindergarten

Through the Rector’s sharing, we know that although the school has two levels of education, the number of classrooms are limited. Preschool children are learning at the former office of Commune People’s Committee. Their classrooms are always wet, cracked and dark in the winter. The teachers always keep track of and encourage children to attend classes, in order not to let anyone drop out.  She said with pride: “The children are excited about going to classes. In addition to this main school, there are Bac Nam school and Ban Chap school, which they have to walk 2 hours on such hilly roads to get to, but none of them dropped out.”

Hoang Huyen Cham, a student of class 2A excitedly told us: “My house is very far from school. Every day I walk alone to get to school without missing any classes. In the future, I want to become a doctor to treat my father and people.”

The sincere sharing of teachers and students extremely touched us. In spite of being in such difficult circumstances, they still dream of becoming useful people, and always strive for the future. This makes us feel so warm and precious.”

Sympathetic to the difficulties teachers and pupils are facing at Dong Giap Primary School, Dai Viet Foundation awarded 21 scholarships, presented more than 300 gifts for pupils of both the primary school and kindergarten, gave 30 blankets for day-boarding students, set up a 360-square-meter rain cover over the schoolyard to support the school and encourage teachers and pupils to get to school.”

 The gifts are given to each pupil

The presence of Dai Viet Group brought the children a really warm afternoon; their “home-grown, home-made” performances with the innocent laughter made us forget about the cold and the fatigue after a long journey.

Ms. Hong Thuy, representative of the Executive Board of the Company said, “Dai Viet Group was founded by young and energetic 8x generation; since the establishment we have always been aware of responsibility to the community, especially to poor areas. Our ambitions are contributing to the society, bringing the disadvantaged children many education opportunities.”

Despite many difficulties, lack of sandals, warm towels, books, notebooks, Dai Viet Group hopes to somehow give teachers and students support to attend classes through its contribution, and along with the children to cultivate and make their dreams come true.

After the meeting, our charity group returned to Hanoi when it was dark, and it was also getting colder. However, the warmth of humanity, faith and motivation to carry on following journeys for bringing children, who are the future of the country, joy and empowerment is still in our hearts. The hope of becoming a fire in the love-fired journey is growing in everyone's hearts on the way back, and we know we need to do more for the children of Vietnam.

Goodbye Dong Giap Primary School and Kindergarten, goodbye pure eyes, innocent smiles, and small cold hands, we still remember the children, their laughter during break times, their reading voices resounding in the small rooms, and their dreams being cherished and nourished every day, etc.

Dong Giap commune, Van Quan district, Lang Son province in 2016

Nguyen Nga