Colorful DIY Lanterns at Dai Viet’s Mid-Autumn Festival


On September 22nd, Dai Viet’s Mid-Autumn Festival took place in Hanoi with the participation of nearly 250 children and more than 200 staff and relatives.

The program aimed to re-create a traditional space with exciting activities such as moonlight lanterns, fairy tales, and funny activities for families. Highlight of the festival was the 100% handmade lantern show by Daiviet-ers. This year's moon festival really conveyed the message of love and commitment to participants during the Mid-Autumn Festival – the festival of reunion!

Experience corner - where parents and children can show their creativity

Let's travel on the space of fairy tales with Hang and Cuoi!

And highlight of the festival - The super cool lantern show with participation of DVG Family!


HANH - Communication Team