Dai Viet 12: DaiViet Plus, You Plus!


In early January, the most anticipated event of the year – company trip to Phu Quoc to celebrate 12th anniversary of Dai Viet - took place with many interesting activities and memorable moments. The scene of nearly 1000 Dai Viet people reuniting, looking back at the 12-year journey, and shouting together: "Dai Viet 12 Plus" under hundreds of sparkling light bubs has become an emotional moment in everyone's heart. We are proud of our journey and always believe that each one will always develop along with a strong collective development. Dai Viet Plus, You Plus!

Team building activities "Break your limits"

The "Break your limits" teambuilding is an impressive opening for a series of events in Phu Quoc. This is always the first activity in every Dai Viet’s trip to warm-up everyone for an energetic journey. Under the scorching sun on Phu Quoc beach, hundreds of energetic young people joined in activities and games with 100% energy to conquer all challenges. 10 teams joining the event experienced exciting games of brainstorming and teamwork.

After all, hundreds of Dai Viet people from different offces and branches across the country merged into one, creating the power to break every limit, every challenge. The competitions required great strength, dexterity and concentration to “rescue” teammates and build team spirit, showing strong and energetic teams.

Despite many difficulties, all challenges were conquered! Dai Viet people in the 12-year uniform enjoying the moments of victory has become a very impressive moment under the beautiful sunset on Phu Quoc.

Gala dinner “DaiViet 12 Plus”

The annual gala dinner is always a grand event and a convergence place to show unexpected artistic talents of Dai Viet people. Each individual is like a small star, converging and then shining to create brilliant sky. The keynote speech of Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy – Deputy Director touched everyone’s heart with emotional moments. She said: "For us, Dai Viet may be the youth, the motivation or simply work. But what I want the most is that Dai Viet will forever be your companion. And I hope after 12 years more, I can still remind you of this sentence.”

The music performances by Daiviet people are always the most awaited part of every Gala show. After days of hard work with the desire to bring beautiful performances to the audience, teams from departments and branches won the hearts of the audience with their energetic show. 

Each performance showed the identity of the department/branch in particular, of the Dai Viet people in general and deeply impressed the audience.

A new journey full of thorns and aspirations

A big event with the participation of nearly 1000 people took place successfully, as a successful start for the 13th year of Dai Viet. The 12-year journey closed with many achievements as well as difficulties. A new journey will start, bringing many aspirations to break to the limits of the Dai Viet people. 12 years, 13 years ... and beyond that, as long as we go along and try to grow together, Dai Viet’s wings will extend and reach further - Dai Viet Plus, You Plus!

Let's look back at some exciting moments at our Phu Quoc trip!