Dai Viet accompanies students in their “Thorough preparation – Ready to breakthrough”


The student-centred workshop themed “Thorough preparation – Ready to breakthrough”, hosted by Dai Viet Group and the Faculty of Economic information system and E-commerce, Vietnam University of Commerce on May 25th 2017, attracted more than 200 participants.

The Workshop was well received and attended by Vietnam University of Commerce students

The Workshop enabled participants to not only network and equip themselves with future career-relevant knowledge and skills, but also experience first-hand Dai Viet Group’s recruitment process.

Over the course of two hours, students were provided with practical insights into the current status of the e-commerce industry – challenges it is facing, as well as opportunities and potentials it bears. On top of that, they also got to know the culture, people, and available career opportunities at Dai Viet thanks to the sharing from Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh and Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy – Deputy Director General of Dai Viet Group. These inputs gave them a big picture of the e-commerce industry in Vietnam and the real working environment of a major company in the field.

One of the most anticipated sessions of the Workshop was the panel discussion on “How to impress your employer” with the panellists being such key personnel of Dai Viet Group as Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy – Deputy Director General, Ms. Vu Lan Anh – Head of Web Sales Department, and Mr. Hoang Dinh Quang – Assistant to the Board of Directors.
Panellists from Dai Viet Group

Addressing a question from the audience, “Employers look for experienced candidates, but if fresh graduates are not given some initial chances, how do we build up our experience?” Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy, speaking from her rich working and managing experience, gave students exactly what they needed, “Each JD and each company looks for different things in candidates. There are positions which require prior experience and those which do not. Therefore, go for any vacancy which does not, as these are the feasible options for fresh graduates.”

Also speaking from his experience, Mr. Hoang Đinh Quang gave students some tips on how to perfect their CV. “It is not advisable to include information that is either too general or subjective in your CV. Instead, do include concrete numbers to make your CV most expressive of who you are, and that’s what employers are looking for,” he said. He wittily added a trick to beautify a CV for someone who does not have much experience to show off – that is stating a long-term or short-term personal plan and activities that are indirectly relevant to the vacancy one is applying for.

As an experienced sales executive and manager, Ms. Vu Lan Anh offered her points of view on the sales career, a rather stressful path to take. “Stress is everywhere. As for business and sales in particular, stress comes from rejections. To get rid of stress, you need to find out why customers say no to you – whether you have not done your work properly or have not targeted the right customers. Chances are your customers are not financially capable, are not decision-makers, or have not had any urgent need for your products yet. When you have known why, you can completely put your stress aside and think of a more efficient way to work.”, she shared.

Students were eager for the sharing of the panellists

Two students of the Faculty of Economic information system and E-commerce were mock interviewed by Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy and Ms. Vu Lan Anh on the spot and received helpful feedback on how they can improve their interviewing skills. “The workshop was very useful. I acquired more knowledge and experience as a job seeker, i.e. CV writing, communication and interview skills… I wish to participate in more workshops like this. And if possible, I would love to give it a shot and become a member of Dai Viet,” said Doan Thi Hien – a 3rd year student at the Faculty.

Mock interview with Dai Viet Group

At the workshop, students enjoyed a number of fun games and gifts in return from Dai Viet Group such as Sony earphones, movie tickets, helmets, and raincoats.

“This is an interesting and helpful workshop for our students who are getting ready for their career path,” said Lecturer Nguyen Binh Minh – Deputy Head of the Faculty of Economic information system and E-commerce. “Thanks to this workshop, even those who had not been interviewed before had a fun experience. They now know how to respond to interview questions and how to prepare themselves for their future job,” added he.

Dai Viet Group hopes that this event was informative for the career orientation and job seeking journey of students in the future. The preparation they have made today will become a strong stepping stone for their upcoming path. We wish them great success!

Thu Huyen