Dai Viet Football Tournament: Passion Leads DaiVieters to Championship


In late September and early October, Dai Viet Group teamed up with Dai Viet Football Club to successfully organize the first football tournament called “Sump up” DaiViet Football Club. With passion and enthusiasm, players from Dai Viet created beautiful and memorable moments in the first season, promising more success in the next tournaments.

Kicked off on September 20 with the participation of 44 players from 4 teams - Ta, Chat, SM and Olympic Vietnam - Dai Viet's first football tournament created beautiful goals and unforgettable moments on the field.

All the teams had done their best and left a deep impression with their impressive styles. With the desire to develop the image and operation of the Football Club to the company’s staff, while enhancing the team spirit, this year's tournament had an opening ceremony and a amazing debut with the participation of all the players and many enthusiastic fans.

The two first matches were the competition between Chat team vs Ta team; SM  team vs Olympic Vietnam team. Ta team won with with 4 goals, while Olympic Vietnam also marked their first win with impressive performance.

After the qualifying stage which lasted nearly a month, Ta team and Olympic Vietnam were the two best teams to the final match.

The final match took place at Dong Do stadium with the participation of the two best teams: Ta vs. Olympic Vietnam. In the end, the match ended with a 3-2 score.

With a convincing victory with the scoreboard from the beginning of the season, Ta Team took home the first gold cup of Dai Viet. The runners-up belonged to Olympic Vietnam. Other prizes Fair Play went to SM team, while individual prizes Golden Ball, Golden Gloves, Golden Boots belonged to Nguyen Quoc Tuan, Vu Van Tho and Khong Huy Quang, respectively.