Dai Viet Foundation Shares its Love with Quang Binh in flood season


On October 22, in the furtherance of its charitable activities nationwide, Dai Viet Foundation’s trip named “Spreading love to the Central” reached Quang Binh Province, which suffered the most casualties and property losses in the recent storm. The charity group visited and handed out presents to 12 households in Ngu Hoa, Duc Hoa, and Phong Hoa Communes, Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province.

The recent storm seriously damaged the Central region, in which Quang Binh suffered the most. Thousands of houses were flooded, crops were washed away, and main routes were isolated. The number of casualties and property losses is on the increase.

Understanding the losses of people in the flood zone, the charity trip “Spreading love to the Central” of Dai Viet Foundation reached Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province with the hope to alleviate the situation of people living in the middle of the flood zone. Supplies and money donated by Dai Viet Group’s kind-hearted staffs nationwide were directly handed out to residents in Ngu Hoa, Duc Hoa, and Phong Hoa Communes.


The devastating scene after the storm

Developing positive human values and sharing social responsibility are what DAI VIET GROUP has always tried to achieve since the early days of its establishment. “I would like to share the pains and losses with Central region-based people. Despite not directly visiting and handing out presents to the victims of natural disasters, all the staffs of Dai Viet Group and I are always standing by them to overcome the loss and sorrow. We hope that they would return to their normal lives soon,” said Mrs. Tran Thi Hong Thuy, a representative of Dai Viet Group leadership board.

During the trip, the charity group of Dai Viet Foundation visited and handed out money as well as supplies to 12 underprivileged households suffering great properties loss in Tuyen Hoa District. They met the family of Mr. Nguyen Tien Khang in Ngu Hoa Commune. “The recent 4-meter-deep flood surrounded and filled up our home at night, so it was too hard for us to evacuate our properties. Personal belongings were washed away. My children haven’t been able to go to school yet”, Mr. Khang’s wife said in a trembling voice. Mr. Ha Nghiem, a director of Da Nang branch and a representative of Dai Viet Foundation, expressed his sympathy with the pains and losses of the family. He presented the family with 2,000,000 VND and presents with the wish to help them settle down as soon as possible.

DVG's representative gifted for family of Mr. Nguyen Tien Khang

The charity group next stopped at the most flood-affected households in Tuyen Hoa District. “The flood reached the roof of our house, so our properties were soaked in water. Rice and corn harvested during the year were no longer dry. I even had to ask others for rice to cook congee for my children”, said family members of Mr. Chu Van Huy.

Family of Mr. Chu Van Huy received presents of the charity team

The representative visited and handed out gifts Mr. Tran Van Chin’s family

The representative visits and gifts to family of Mr. Tran Huy Lap

The No.7 storm caused great casualties and property losses for people in the Central. It is our social responsibilities to stand by their sides sharing material and spiritual burdens to help the disadvantaged overcome upheavals. DAI VIET GROUP would strive more to help underprivileged people in the Central region as well as the whole country. Delivering community-centered activities, devoting to the society, and spreading love among people are human values that Dai Viet Foundation wishes to cherish.  We will be on a constant move, sharing and lighting up the flame of love to warm the hearts of Vietnamese fellows.

Several photos of the charity:

Family of Mr. Tran Cong Dang

Family of Mr. Ha Van Canh


Family of Mrs. Truong Thi Tinh


Dai Viet Foundation Team