Dai Viet Group - Diamond Sponsor of Contest “Talented Candidate 2016” (Ung vien tai nang 2016)


On the night of December 17, the final round of “Talented Candidate 2016” took place in Vietnam National Academy of Music (Hanoi). The contest is annually hosted by Human Resource Club (HRC) of Foreign Trade University. Dai Viet Group was proud to be a diamond sponsor of this amazing contest.


Ms. Tran Hong Thuy, Dai Viet Group Deputy Director General responds to the press in the contest

After breathtaking and dramatic selection rounds, five most talented candidates were selected for The Final Round. They are Phan My Chinh, Nguyen Ha Thanh Luan, Le Thuy Nhi, Nguyen Viet Anh, and Vu Ngoc Mai.

There were three interesting rounds: The Chaser – the round seeking a person who has a vision and can control his/her career path and future; The Talent – the round seeking a person who has an ability to devote himself/herself and attribute to that one’s business; The Inspirer – the round seeking a person who has an enthusiasm and desire to spread his/her impact on the community. In each round, candidates all showed their outstanding, smart, and intelligent manner in particular situations given by judges. After The Chaser and The Talent, three most talented candidates entering The Inspirer were Le Thuy Nhi, Nguyen Viet Anh, and Nguyen Ha Thanh Luan.

DVG Deputy Director General-Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, one of judges, commented on performances of candidates

Le Thuy Nhi deeply impressed all audiences with a greatly inspiring presentation about her story about the turning point of her life. From a student isolated by friends and a student of Marketing living with a tragic traffic accident, Thuy Nhi put a lot of efforts and believes to prove herself. In addition, she remarkably passed three rounds, satisfied judges, and led the championship of “Talented Candidate 2016” with her thorough knowledge from Nguyen Viet Anh and Nguyen Ha Thanh Luan who were two runners-up.

Five talents in the Final Round

Being a diamond sponsor of the contest, Dai Viet Group Deputy Director General Ms. Tran Hong Thuy presented her guard of honor in becoming a companion: “In the process of finding and building the highest performance team in Vietnam, we have chances to cooperate with two of young talents who are Hoang Dinh Quang and Dinh Thi Nho. They are two valedictorians of Foreign Trade University and National Economics University and contestants of “Talented Candidate 2015” hosted by Human Resource Club. Thanks to the recruitment and cooperation with these two young talents, we believe in the quality and reputation of this contest which is a precious chance for not only the young seeking outstanding success but also for business who needs a totally perfect team such as Dai Viet Group in a globally and more competitive context.

Le Thuy Nhi leads the championship of “Talented Candidate 2016”

Dai Viet Group Deputy Director General Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, who was one of judges, highly appreciated candidates’ talents. He supposed that “Talented Candidate 2016” under the theme of “The turning point” would construct an “Ecosystem” which attracts excellent young people with talents and kindness. Individuals of the contest would become people who inspire others, desire to dedicate themselves, and create values for the community.

Thuy An