Dai Viet Group Photo Contest Celebrates Value of Families


On the occasion of Vietnam Family Day (June 28), Dai Viet Group Board of Leadership launched a photo contest under the theme of “Family of fun – Moments of love,” which attracted the entries of all of our personnel nationwide. The contest was a platform for staff members to capture simple moments of their familial happiness and share them with colleagues.

The poster launching the photo contest under the theme of “Family of fun – Moments of love”

Over the course of one month (June 3rd – 27rd), the contest received over 200 entries from almost 100 families. Each photo was unique, but shared one thing in common – pure happiness shown on the face of each family member. There were many photos of fathers, mothers, and little angels… all exuded love and warmth.

After two rounds of voting, our array of awards, including “Most popular family”, “Family of fun”, “Moment of love”, “Like parent, like child”, “Little angle’s smile”, and “Beloved Mom and Dad”, have found their deserving winners. All awards were kept secret until the last minute for the ultimate surprise and happiness for winning families.

The Board of leadership presented awards to families

The award ceremony, organized in the friendly and cordial atmosphere of the Hanoi headquarter on June 28th 2017, was attended by the Board of leadership and families participating in the photo contest, as well as winning families.

At the award ceremony, Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy – Deputy Director General of Dai Viet Group emphasized the meaning of the photo contest to the personnel of the Group. It was an occasion for staff members to look back on their moments of happiness to better appreciate the value of families and pay tribute to their parents in celebrating Vietnam Family Day. “The quality of each and every entry made it difficult for the board of judges. Every photo is meaningful and beautiful in showcase unique moments of love and fun of families. Therefore, the board of judges decided to award more prizes than planned”, Ms. Thuy happily shared.

The contest clearly conveyed the message from the board of leadership: Dai Viet Group is also a family to our personnel, where each and every one can bond, trust and work together towards their passion, as well as support one another through thick and thin.

Interaction between families and the board of leadership

“This award came as a surprise to me and my family. I submitted my photo wanting to share my children’s photo with my colleagues, so that whenever they are worn out, the pure smile of our children can cheer them up. Thanks the board of leaders for creating this platform for us to interact and win something together,” spoke Mr. Do Thuong Dien (IT department) at the award ceremony upon wining the “Little angel’s smile” award.

 Below are some photos at the photo contest award ceremony:

The family of Ms. Le Thao (LisTing Department) – Winner of Most popular family

The family of Ms. Le Quynh Nga (Accounting Department) – Winner of Like parent, like child

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien (Editorial Department) –Winner of Moment of love
The family of Mr. Do Thuong Dien – Winner of Little angel’s smile