Dai Viet Parents: Peace of Mind and Well-Behaved Children


“Peace of mind and well-behaved children” is the powerful message that Psychologist and Child education expert Catherine Yen Pham conveyed to Dai Viet Group staffs at the talkshow “Communicate with your children” held by Dai Viet Group on September 20th.

It is the desire of parents everywhere to bring up their offspring in a way that helps them maximize their potentials, lead a fun and happy life, and succeed in the future. With the hope that its staff are not only excellent employees, but also excellent parents, Dai Viet Group equipped Dai Viet parents with precious experiences and valuable knowledge in child upbringing.

Speaker Catherine Yen Pham – Psychology and Child Education Expert

Having done relevant research abroad for many years before coming back to Vietnam, Catherine Yen Pham understands how difficult parenting can be for Vietnamese parents. She strongly advised parents to be patient in dialoguing and working things out with children under any circumstances. Children are little seeds which must be watered with both love and reasoning. Such process cannot be done overnight. “Respect what is natural in your children. Let’s love not judge. Let’s listen not accuse. That’s how you help them grow up,” stated Catherine. It is parents’ responsibility to help children become fully aware of themselves, guide them, and explore their potentials, instead of “teaching” them how to live a pre-determined life. To make it happen, parents must have faith in what their children themselves are capable of.

The workshop became heated with the round-table discussion between the speaker and Dai Viet leadership board as panelists. The audience easily saw themselves in the case studies presented: hyperactive children, stubborn children, children not interested in studying, children lying or shy children. Parent-child communication problems, real-life dramas, and parenting philosophies – all were consulted with smart and effective solutions by Ms. Catherine. To help participants visualize what happens in reality, the speaker and a panelist role-played a dialogue between a mother and her child. In the role of a mother, Ms. Catherine, thanks to her sensitivity and cleverness, easily found out the root cause of the given problem, thus proposing the most effective and convincing solutions.

Dai Viet CEO Le Xuan Truong and other panelists were sharing their viewpoints

At the talkshow, Ms. Ha Thi Hoa (Editorial Department) revealed her difficulties in raising two boys close in age as well as how they did not get along and even got into physical fights. She would love to know how to reduce these conflicts and encourage her boys to make peace and love each other more. To troubleshoot, speaker Cartherine Yen Pham pointed out that it is normal for boys to fight. When conflicts arise, parents should reflect on whether they have been fair to both children. Once children find themselves not being treated equally and parents fail to notice, they tend to settle the matter among themselves by for example, physical fights. In such case, parents should not intervene, but let kids take responsibilities for their own actions. What comes after is most important, as parents talk things out with their children, calmly explain what children have done, and adjust the way parents themselves treat the siblings.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, representative of the leadership, shared his parenting situations

As for bad behaviors in children, the speaker believed that children do not know what is bad or good. They are simply a white sheet of paper and imitate things around them. What they do are what they have learned from parents, friends, and relatives. At the age of 0-6, children regard their parents as the “definition of truth” - whatever their parents do is right and must be copied. Therefore, to prevent “bad” behaviors and tackle the root cause of the problem, parents need to be careful with their own actions and words and make efforts to be a good example in children’s eyes at least.

With her gentle, sincere and witty way of sharing along with quick and effective problem-solving, Catherine Yen Pham conveyed to guests the most basic knowledge of child psychology and the child development stages from the age of 0 to 18. Parents or not, the audience was fulfilled and became more confident in communicating with and supporting their children through the early childhood development – from the moment they are born to later stages in life.

Participants were attentive to the sharing of the speaker

Parenting stories brought a good laugh in the audience

Three hours was not enough to thoroughly discuss every aspect of such a broad topic as parenting. However, beyond what parents had expected before the talkshow, which is how to be a good parent and how to bring up a child into a healthy, intelligent person, Ms. Catherine delivered the straightforward message: To a child, NURTURING is more important than TEACHING. Let kids grow naturally and happily. Let kids do what they want to under parental guidance. Do not force them into any mold, because one size does not fit all. During certain stages of child development, parents sometimes may find their kids out of control. Don’t worry – keep a calm and clear mind! That is how parents and children reconnect and adapt to one another with love and respect. “Peace of mind and well-behaved children” may be the most powerful message that speaker Catherine Yen Pham conveyed to staff members.

Not only staff members who were married, but also their relatives joined the talkshow. What is surprising is that many single young people participated to prepare themselves better before embarking on their marriage and parenthood. At the end of the talkshow, many participants looked forward to more parenting tips in the upcoming events from the speaker. The topic of child psychology and education will be further discussed at Dai Viet Group.

Mr. Le Xuan Truong gave flowers and thanked the speaker

With the aim to ensure a healthy material and spiritual life of staff members, the talkshow “COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CHILDREN” is part of a series of activities for the care of employees nationwide. In the coming time, Dai Viet Group will hold more talkshows on diverse, meaningful, and practical topics to support staff members in not only parenting, but also other aspects of daily life.

Other photos:

Parenting handbooks were distributed as presents

A participant was happy to receive presents at the talkshow.

The book counter attracted many young unmarried people

Dai Viet Deputy CEO Tran Thi Hong Thuy  and Head of Customer Service Department
Nguyen Thi Nhat Minh with presents from organizers

An Giang