“Homeland Bookcases” Bringing Happiness to Children from South to North


In this November, Bookcases all over Vietnam” continued the journey “Donating bookcases – Nurturing children’ souls” for students in 2 regions: Nha Trang and Thai Binh. 8 bookcases and 52 scholarships were donated in DuyNhat Secondary School and Viet Thuan Secondary School in Thai Binh Province; Bach Dang Secondary School and Vinh Nguyen Primary School on islands of Nha Trang (VungNgan, Dam Bay, Vinh Nguyen, and Bich Dam).

Having been launched since early July 2016, “Homeland Bookcases” of Dai Viet Foundation has donated 8 bookcases to poor children of 4 schools in Thanh Hoa and Hung Yen Province so far. “Donating bookcases –Nurturing children’s souls” is the long-lasting human values which the leadership of Dai Viet Group always try to achieve inthis charity with the aim of inspiring students to read books nationwide.

On November 28th, 2016, the charity group of Dai Viet Foundation departed for 2 destinations in 2 areas: Thai Binh Province and Vinh Nguyen Island (Nha Trang). What we brought are 4 bookcases, 52 scholarships, and a desire for inspiring local students to read.

Students in the school assembly

The charity group of Hanoi came to Thai Binh Province and donated 4 bookcases and 32 scholarships to underprivileged students making efforts in study in DuyNhat Secondary School and Viet Thuan Secondary School.Utter surprise and delight was the common feelings of the group members who had a chance to meet and communicate with local students.The atmosphere of that school assembly became more exciting and the group members felt more interested in interacting with children thanks to their eagerness and happiness of receiving books together with the honesty and innocence in each student’s question.

Students of Viet Thuan Secondary School in the Q&A session

The talk show was well received by students

Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuydonated the bookcase to Viet Thuan Secondary School

22 scholarships were handed out to poor students overcoming difficulties

Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy – Deputy Director General of Dai Viet Group presented her concern and shared her view on future orientation with students. “Becoming a successful person is not beyond anyone’s reach. Money and intelligence are not enough to succeed. The most important thing is staying passionate and determined which is the bravery of a successful person”, she said.

Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy met students

The charity group took photo with students donated scholarships

The trip to Nha Trang was much more impressive as the charity group departed for Vinh Nguyen Island by ship and the transportation of books was in greater difficulties due to rough roads. All 2 bookcases were gathered in Bach Dang Secondary School and Vinh Nguyen Primary School and then distributed to islands of VungNgan, Dam Bay, Vinh Nguyen, and Bich Dam.

Students on Vinh Nguyen island received scholarships from Dai Viet Foundation

A representative of Dai Viet Foundation donated gifts to students

It was the first time Nha Trang branch of Dai Viet Group had participated in the program “ Bookcases all over Vietnam”. Anxieties and suspense of the group members turned into pleasure and cheerfulness when meeting and talking to students. 4 bookcases and 20 scholarships along with the hearts of people in main-lands were donated to children in remote islands.

2 bookcases donated to the school

After a meaningful day, Homeland Bookcases” has brought useful and interesting books to students, facilitating them in the process of studying, exploring the outside world, andorienting them to good human values. Dai Viet Foundation expects that scholarships would encourage students to overcome difficulties, strive for study, and make their dreams come true.

In December, Dai Viet Foundation may come to your hometown.

Photos in the charity trip:

The charity group in Nha Trang takes a photo with the school-board

The representative of Dai Viet Foundation donated scholarships to students in Viet Thuan Secondary School

The talk show in Viet Thuan Secondary School, Thai Binh

Students of Duy Nhat Secondary School in Thai Binh

Students in Thai Binh province received presents in the talk show

The school assembly on Vinh Nguyen Island, Nha Trang


Dai Viet Team