Memorable Children’s Festival of “Dai Viet Little Team"


On May 28th, over one hundred children and their parents working at Dai Viet Group had a great time at Tiniworld - Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh. In addition to gift of cash, this is a meaningful gift that the company’s leadership gave to the children on the occasion of Children's Day.

With the enthusiastic support of the organizers, the children and their parents gathered at the hall from 2 pm, wearing the badge "Dai Viet little team" and taking group photos with their family. After that, the children were given tickets to freely exploreand experience the extremely attractive games at the playground, ranging from motor skill activities to games that develop the children’s intellectual skills, which caught their interest.

Games such as fishing, ball tent, jigsaw, coloring, and sand ground, etc. were the most attractive ones for the children, brought them fun and exciting experiences.

The fun and appealing games gave the children a festival full of joys, strengthened the bonds between the parents and their children, and fostered the relationship between the Company’s colleagues.

Bringing two young children and her husband to the event, Ms. Ha ThiHoa, a Dai Viet employee, said that she was very delighted that every year she could attend meaningful recreational activities organized by the company together with her family. Her children had a happy day in a cool place with a lot of exciting games. Ms. Hoa wished the company to have more activities for the children in the airy and private spaces so that the children and their parents could have more activities together.

At the event, Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy - Deputy Director General of Dai Viet Group, who always closely follows the company's activities, said: "Children are one of the key focuses of Dai Viet Group. Meaningful activities for the children such as painting competition, musical plays, etc. are organized annually as a good "tradition". This year, the Company's management decided to bring the children to the entertainment center with the aim of bringing the employees’ families cheerful moments together to become more bonded by spending time talking to each other.

During this time, the Company also organized a series of volunteer activities across the country for the children. The Board of Directors is very proud and delighted when Dai Viet can better care for the children, and will continue to conduct more activities for the employees’ families in the coming period".

Here are some memorable moments of the children and their family on May 28th:

Organizers guide parents to get the entry tickets

Children wearing the badge “Dai Viet Little Team” 


Lovely moments with family

Next top models

Playing with balls

Ngoc Suong