Opportunities and Challenges for Young Manpower in International Integration


Recently, “Student career fair – Young manpower 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City” has taken place in University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The event, including useful activities, attracted the participation of 40 units with more than 300 offered recruitment positions and thousands of students – the young manpower.

“Student career fair – Young manpower 2016 in HCMC” was organized by University of Economics HCMC and Employment Vietnam, accompanied by four Gold Sponsors including Dai Viet Group, HD Bank, VP Bank, and ACB Bank.

Talk shows equip students with knowledge and first-hand experiences

Dai Viet Group’s booth attracted thousands of participants through engaging recruitment activities

A variety of reality programs and seminars taking place offered a great opportunity for the young to learn, receive advice, and accumulate knowledge of the career ladder. The conference “Labor market in Vietnam 2016 in integrating into ASEAN Economic Community” paid a great concern of the experts and students engaging in the conversation and provided an insight into the labor market in Vietnam, as well. Opportunities and challenges to the future generation in the context of economic international integration were also considered.

Similarly, there is a range of reality programs provided by companies/ employers including “mock interview – confidence at a job interview” “good CV – gift in hand” “finding job”, etc., that are well received by many students. The Fair occurred from 8 am until 4 pm in the excitement atmosphere, in which many gifts and chances for jobs were given to the students.

1000 students involving in Dai Viet Group’s activities

As a sponsor of “Student Career Fair – Young manpower 20016 in HCMC ”, Dai Viet Group’s booth captured a great attention of students. Implemented practical and useful activities include Recruitment consultation, Workshop training “Writing CV skills”, Workshop training “Skills for interview questions”, etc. Dai Viet Group delivered around 1000 folders and recruitment flyers, which grabbed 439 students registering for gifts, nearly 100 students involving 2 workshops and 66 students engaging in the mock Interview at its booth.