Should You Buy New Homes in Ghost Month?


Dinh Hiep, an office staff working at a media company, wants to buy an apartment. But he is wondering whether it is ok to buy home in the lunar July, also known as Ghost Month in Vietnamese culture.

Not only Hiep, money home buyers are confused of buying new homes in Ghost Month. According to folk belief, people should avoid doing important works like buying valuable assets or marrying in Ghost Month because it may lead to bad luck. Some people also believe that in the 7th lunar month, the hell’s gate is opened, so the ghosts and lonely spirits can go out, come back to the world of alive and harass, annoy us.

Answering Hiep’s questions in the radio program Beautiful Houses & Experts, Pham Cuong, who is a famous architect, Fengshui expert, has shared some useful ideas and explanation.

Based on his knowledge and research, the Fengshui expert said there are two main reasons causing the fear of Vietnamese people to the lunar July. Firstly, from the characteristics of weather, lunar July lunar often comes with heavy rains, which not favorable for planting, farming and construction of houses. Gradually, people often avoid doing important things in this month, with the belief that everything is not going well.

The second reason may come from the folk tale of Muc Kieu Lien who went to hell to save his dead mother, forming the belief that during lunar July, lonely spirits and hungry ghosts will rise on earth and harass humans.

For these two reasons, Cuong confirmed the fear of Ghost Month has no connection with Feng shui. People’ abstinence has no scientific basis and it’s very absurd.

radio nhà đẹp & chuyên gia
At raido Beautiful Houses & Experts #2, Fenghui expert Pham Cuong answered some questions
related to Feng shui knowledge in home purchase 


The  Fengshui expert advises people not to keep this taboo. In Vietnam, in addition to the Lunar New Year, Ghost Month also has a negative impact on the economy. Therefore, it should be gradually removed to promote the country’s economy.

For Hiep, Cuong advised him to take advantage of the good opportunity to buy home in July if he has thoroughly known about the apartment, because during this time, developers usually offer many preferential policies to attract buyers.



With over 20 years of experience, over 15 years of practical experience, Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong has extensive knowledge of Fengshui and architecture. He also participated in many seminars and directly answered to Fengshui issues on VOV traffic, TV channels, and events of VCCI, ANZ bank, Capitaland Group, Mobiphone...

Not only getting useful knowledge of Feng shui, the audience of Beautiful Houses & Experts also had more funny and relaxed moments with MC Dinh Tien Dung.


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