Students Get Excited in Dai Viet Group’s Workshop “The Art of Telesales and Negotiation”


On July 17, in the S4 meeting-hall, at Information Communication Technology Training Centre NIIT (Hanoi), Dai Viet Group managed to hold the workshop “The art of telesales and negotiation”. The program was well received by the majority of students and novices in Hanoi.

From early morning, the meeting-hall was full of students

Beginning the program, the presence of the speaker Vu Lan Anh astonished the audiences. The sales manager of Dai Viet Group is too young; however, is not the only 9X “captain” in this corporation. She delivered her presentation “Opportunities for internet and mobile phone sales”.

Dai Viet Group Sales Manager Vu Lan Anh made a sharp impression with her presentation

With her confidence and clear delivery, Dai Viet Group Sales Manager Vu Lan Anh asserted that Sales was not temporary work but permanent art. “We live in a country with the world-leading developmentof Internet and  active Internet usage. Vietnam ranks first in South East Asia in terms of the volume of Internet users per month with the growth rate of 15%. Especially, the age of users is quite young”, she indicated a noticeable fact. Indeed, a great concern of the listeners was attracted by not only the provided statistics, well-prepared slides but also her first-hand experiences. Her presentation defined the potential of e-commerce vividly and portrayed the image of an “excellent seller” – the dream of every seller.

Ms. Nguyen Nhat Minh with her sense of humor and intelligence won the attention of students

Meanwhile, Customer Service Manager Nguyen Thi Nhat Minh equipped the audience with useful knowledge about “The art of telesales and negotiation” through her funny and lively presentation. The negotiation art, according to Ms. Minh, is the story of overcoming rejection. Five basic steps of breaking rejection include listening, clarification, compassion, evaluation, and response. She listed several ways of popular rejection and suggested some solutions to every situation. Minh also emphasized that closing the deal is of primary importance that requires distinct skills and techniques.

The game of role-playing into the “super seller” and “demanding customer” directedby Minh          

The meeting-hall became noisy once Ms. Nhat Minh created a dramatic “stage”. Four young people, separated into two groups of two, seized the chance to express their performance. They played the role as “super seller” carrying out the duty to convince the “demanding customer” to buy the  products. While the first pair with the “seller” Do Duc Loc (Vietnam University of Commerce) and the “customer” Hoang Thi Trung Nguyet (Academy of Finance) gave the audiences big smiles thanks to their enthusiasm, intelligence, and humor, the second pair hit on-lookers by the difficult demands of the “customer” Nguyen Thu Trang (Vietnam University of Commerce) and the enthusiasm and cleverness of the seller Tran Thu Ha.

The “seller” Do Duc Loc was trying to win the “customer” Hoang Thi Trung Nguyet.

A variety of tricky questions and situation striking the seller are responded favorably by experts. “My goal is to become a good seller. The workshop has brought me a chance to acquire essential and interesting knowledge. I will apply to Dai Viet Group in order to realize my dream”, said Hoang Thi Trung Nguyet (Academy of Finance).

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, a member of the Board of Directors gave gifts to the
young students in the game of “Sweepstake”

Nguyen Thi Thoa, an Aptechuniversity alumnus (Hanoi) revealed that she had graduated and worked for a period. Joining the Workshop “The art of telesales and negotiation”, she was impressed by interesting new diverse knowledge. “With my previous experience, I am so confident to come here. Involving in workshop, however, I recognized that my knowledge and skills were just some drops among the ocean. People should obtain more experiences to become a better version of themselves. Indeed, so many things from the workshop that I have learned”, Thoa said.

Group photo with the speakers

Members of the Board of Directors Nguyen Quoc Anh also spent his time sharing and introducing students to the work environment, recruitment activities of Dai Viet Group. Relevant questions were raised. Obviously, it is the dream of many young people that they can be offered a chance to work and develop in Dai Viet environment.

Thuy An