The Journey of 10-Year Development of Dai Viet Group


Through a decade of constantly shaping and growing, with solid technology foundation, bold steps, and innovative ideas, Dai Viet Group has been affirming the leading position in the area of real estate, information and communication technology in Vietnam.

Founded in August 2006, Dai Viet Group launched of beta 1.0 after two years of establishment. By the end of 2010, the version of beta 2.0 was released and quickly became a top-notch website of real estate in Vietnam. In 2012, rolled out beta version 3.0 with half a million views per day. The launch of the branch in Ho Chi Minh City in 2013 proved the strategic development of the scale and market of Dai Viet Group.

Thanks to its momentum in 2014, boldly expanded its business throughout Vietnam with five branches in five major cities, which are Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Danang, Haiphong, and Binh Duong. In 2014, Dai Viet Group made its special mark when launching the application of on  Android and iOS operating systems, and launched the website  at the same time.

By 2015, website touched nearly 45 million views per month, securing its rank as a No. 1 information channel of real estate and trusted host of real estate-related seminars. Along with its achievement, also ranked fifth when it came to the field of cars with 15 million views per month. and were officially launched  and international cooperation was promoted at that time.

Owning the No. 1 real estate website in Vietnam - Vietnam along with a series of other leading websites is a concrete evidence for the continuous development of Dai Viet Group. After 10 years of operation, Group has more than 600 employees in seven branches throughout the country, becoming a strong Group of information and communication technology in Vietnam as well as in the region. The website  continues to foster the No. 1 information portal, as the most popular and effective channel when it comes to real estate in Vietnam, and became a website with highest traffic in South East Asia, far surpassing the No. 2 and No. 3 website in any field of real estate with more than 50 million views per month

With the mission of "Respect customers, Prioritize customer benefits and satisfaction", the high-professional engineering team of Dai Viet Group constantly seeks for creativity to release smart features and utilities with the highest usage efficiency in response to the high demands of  users. Hence, clients and partners of Dai Viet Group always enjoy the highest competitive advantages, promoted sales, and brand development reaching the maximum efficiency threshold.

The achievement of the past ten years is the result of consensus, solidarity and non-stop efforts for the common goal of all staff members in Dai Viet Group. In the Group, "Dai Viet culture" became the guiding principle for Group members towards concerted creativity and dedication. In particular, the close attention of the company to the life of employees both materially and mentally is the motivation for the sense of self-awareness, proactivity; create inspiring, highly professional and productive work environment

The message of "Corporate social responsibility will be the cornerstone of prosperity in the future" is a modern business and humanitarian thinking throughout the Dai Viet Group. The Executive Board and staff members of the company are always actively and fully aware of their social responsibilities through their business ethics, behaviors, and performances. This has created the "corporate culture" nurtured by Dai Viet Group since the very first days.

Over the past decade, the spirit, energy and achievement of Dai Viet Group have been recognized by the full and stable development of the company. This success makes a valuable contribution to the real estate of Vietnam in reaching out and integrating into the international market.