The Journey of Dai Viet’s Heart to Children 2017


The charity campaign “The journey of Dai Viet's Heart to Children 2017” was launched nationwide by Dai Viet Group in May 2017. In the past month, Dai Viet Foundation has organized consecutive visits to underprivileged children across Vietnam and handed them various gifts, so that they can enjoy the heart-warming and fun Children’s Day.

On May 20th 2017, Da Nang branch office was the first to visit and hand gifts to students of 04 affiliated schools of Tabhing Primary School, Tabhing Commune, Nam Giang District, Quang Nam. The children lived and studied in disadvantaged circumstances. The run-down their classrooms prevented them from attending classes regularly.

The activities of Da Nang Branch Office, Nam Giang, Quang Nam

Next up, on May 27th 2017, Dai Viet Foundation representatives in Hanoi visited and handed gifts to paediatric patients at Department of Paediatrics – K Hospital, Tan Trieu Campus. There were 6 rooms, 69 paediatric patients, of which 10 special cases moved our staff members to tears.
Dai Viet Group members hand out gifts to children at Hospital K

To paediatric patients at K Hospital, it is a luxury to run around and play, because they do not even know when they may leave these hospital beds to have fun like other kids. These gifts from Dai Viet Foundation, though humble, were exchanged with some shy heart-warming smiles from these children.
The children happily received gifts from Dai Viet Group

Within the framework of “The Journey from Dai Viet to Children”, other branch offices joined hands with Hanoi headquarter in organizing many charity programs in their locality.

On May 27th also, Hai Phong branch office organized an trip to Hoa Phuong Children’s Village in Hai Phong, which is bringing up over 100 orphans and children with disabilities.

Hai Phong Branch office at Hoa Phuong Children’s Village

On the afternoon of May 27th, Nha Trang branch office made a trip to Thien Tam Home of children with disabilities, abandoned children and elderly. Our staffs interacted, handed gifts, and cooked a loveful meal for the residents here.

Nha Trang Branch office at Thien Tam Home

On May 28, along with Hai Phong and Nha Trang branch offices, Vung Tau staffs met children at Thi An Home, Phuoc Tinh Ward, Long Dien District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, where orphans are brought up by the nuns.

Vung Tau branch office at Thi An Home, Vung Tau

On May 29th, Ho Chi Minh City branch office had a trip to Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital and handed gifts to paediatric patients here. Every children patient was given a little gift and the families of children in especially disadvantaged circumstances received additional presents from Dai Viet staffs.

Ho Chi Minh branch office at Children’s Hospital

We, Dai Viet people, keep thinking about ways to bring Dai Viet Foundation to more places in need, so that the pure smile always shines on the faces of our children and all the very best comes to them. The beautiful footages of our charity activities across the country within “The Journey from Dai Viet to Children 2017” become a source of power and inspiration for us to have more initiatives like these in the future.

Thu Huyen