Three New Banner Formats Available on


In addition to the launch of Highlight Feature for listings, from Jan 26, 2019, also supports three new banner formats on the desktop version. Customers will have more options for their advertising campaign. 

Specifically, the three new banner formats on the’s desktop version are as follows:

1. Full-page banner: A static, large-sized banner, covering the entire background on both sides of the website’ main content column. Full-page banners feature outstanding visual effects and well display on various screen sizes.

In terms of size, these banners are displayed on both left and right sides of, with size of 450 x 900px each.

New banner formats available on

2. Sticky banners: dislayed on the left and right sides with larger sizes: 160 x 600 px (former size 120 x 300px).

The larger size helps create a better visual effect. In addition, 160 x 600px is the standard size of many online advertising systems, thus helping customers more convenient when it comes to implementing advertising campaigns on different platforms.

Supported formats: HTML5, GIF, static image.

New banner formats available on

3. Floating footer banner: As a brand new banner format on, floating footer banners are always anchored at the bottom of the screen, sliding above the main content column.

Floating footer banner covers a large area, applying vivid visual effects, thus attracting the users’ attention and increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

Size: 1000 x 150px. 

Supported format: HTML5

Since the floating footer banners have higher technical/ aesthetical requirements than the others, it should be processed / previewed by the design team of

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