What to Prepare as a Job Seeker?


In furtherance to the success of the Workshop “Thorough preparation – Ready to breakthrough” at University of Commerce, Dai Viet Group, in collaboration with Academy of Finance, hosted the Workshop “How to land your dream job” for students of business major in particular and of Academy of Finance in general.

In the morning of May 29th 2017, more than 300 Academy of Finance students attended the workshop themed “How to land your dream job” co-organized by Dai Viet Group and Academy of Finance. At the workshop, speakers from Dai Viet Group interacted with students and shared their personal practical experience on career orientation as well as job seeking. As young people who have made it, Mr. Hoang Đinh Quang – Assistant to the Board of Directors, Ms. Vu Lan Anh – Head of Web Sales Department and Ms. Dinh Thi Nho – Project Specialist from Dai Viet Group had an open and genuine talk with students of Academy of Finance.

Students at the check-in counter collecting materials before the workshop began

At the workshop, speakers addressed questions from the audience on what to prepare before an interview. It was recommended that in addition to brushing up on their own knowledge and skills, students should do two things before an interview: having a back-up plan for pop-ups (for example, vehicle breakdown, out of fuel) and gathering information on the employer.

“The question which most employer would ask is whether you have done your research about the company and the JD you are applying for. If you are un- or underprepared, employers expect your honesty and sincerity, rather than excuses and lies,” said Ms. Vu Lan Anh. “Attitude means everything. I think that if something goes wrong, you should not leave employers with a silence; and they also will not close your doors right away because of some mistakes," she said.

Speakers shared tips on what to prepare before an interview

Mr. Hoang Dinh Quang also seconded Ms. Lan that it is better to admit the mistake on your part for not doing research on the employer. Noticing your positive attitude, employers may give you another chance despite your lack of preparation. Thorough preparation of backups, for example cash and means of contact, further enables you to proactively and quickly settle any matter. “How one handles these cases says a lot about their flexibility and improvisation. And of course, it better prepares them when they are called for the next interview,” said he.

When asked “Is it possible to work in the e-commerce industry without doing a similar major?” Ms. Dinh Thi Nho shared, “I myself did not take e-commerce as a major. Before joining Dai Viet, I had been working for an edu-tech start-up. However, working at Dai Viet, I realized I am cut out for the job and to date, I suppose I have been doing well. Therefore, be it e-commerce or not, you can make it as long as you are passionate and eager to learn”. “There are three factors that employers look for in a candidate: attitude, skills, and knowledge. Regardless of experience, your attitude and eagerness to learn make you grow faster than others,” spoke Ms. Dinh Thi Nho from her multiple attempts at different job interviews.

Students were eager for the sharing from the speakers

At the workshop, students also enjoyed some fun games and gifts in return from Dai Viet Group such as a Sony earphone and a couple of movie tickets. Two students of the Academy of Finance were mock interviewed by Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy and Ms. Vu Lan Anh on the spot. The mock interview gave them a taste of the actual interviewing process of a company and helpful feedback to better prepare themselves for the upcoming interviews.

Dai Viet Group would love to take this workshop as a source of encouragement and advice on the students’ career orientation and preparation for job seeking. What Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy said summarizes perfectly our message to our talented young generation, “Time flies, so do not waste it. Make the right choice and careful preparation to breakthrough to success in the future.”

Thu Huyen