Women and Methods of Sustaining Energy


Busy work, family time, and everyday concerns have made many women, including the Dai Vieters, struggle to protect their body and youth. Understanding this concern, Dai Viet Group held a talk show named “Women and Methods of Sustaining Energy”, attracting the interest of many female staffs.

From everyday stories

It has been a long time since Dai Viet had such an emotional talk show that generated a lot of emotions, smiles and even tears from the sincere sharing of the speaker - Ms. Nguyen Hieu - Vietnamese Yoga Ambassador.

During the two-hour talk show, issues that women often encounter in the workplace and daily life, from overweight or underweight to women’s health concerns at office, were answered by the speaker. In addition, she also shared some tips of health care from natural ingredients. Ms. Hieu also talked about the issues of everyday life, such as the relationship between husband and wife, between parents and children to help women have more positive thoughts, contributing to change their life attitude.

To the consciousness of Sustaining Energy

In addition to the knowledge of nutrition from nature for good health, the talkshow with the guidance of Ms. Hieu also offers basic, gentle yoga exercises to help women regain their energy and excitement in work and life.

Moreover, the talk show continued to provide useful information and directed the audience to the positive changes in living habits as well as optimistic thinking to be in the best mood wherever. Ms. Hieu said: "Positive thoughts inside will help generate positive energy outside. Positive thinking will lead to positive words and actions that will motivate and attract others.”

The organizers understand that women are always worthy of the best. If women do not respect themselves right now, they are losing their value in the eyes of others. Not the responsibilities of being wife, being mother, sometimes women themselves don’t act nicely to their health and youth.

The success of “Women and Methods of Sustaining Energy” talk show once again shows women’s concern on mental health issues. We hope that the sincere sharing from Ms. Hieu and knowledge provided at the talkshow will help Dai Viet’ sladies understand their self values to improve the sense of maintaining energy.

Here are some photos taken at the talk show: